About Us

OSCASI (Organización Social Católica San Ignacio) is a non-profit organization, a social project of Colegio San Ignacio, which seeks to promote human improvement in low-income communities. Currently, it supports two Alternative Schools in Petare.

To support low-income communities by promoting human improvement through the social action of the educational community of Colegio San Ignacio.



We are the executive arm of the social action of the educational community of Colegio San Ignacio; a solid and stable, renowned, dynamic and innovative non-profit organization for social development, Catholic in nature with Ignatian charism, and a national reference in the field of alternative education for its network of schools and community work.

Board of Directors

President: Santiago Gimón Estrada

Vice-President: R.P. Jesús M. Orbegozo, SJ.

Executive Director: Trilce Suzzarini



Antonio Annese

Cecilia Ray

Erika Berzins

Francisco Santiago

Gabriela Toro

Gustavo Galdo

Juan Salvador Pérez

Margarita Aldrey

María Silvia Castillo


In 1958, Father Jenaro Aguirre S.J. sowed in a group of mothers of Colegio San Ignacio the seed of starting social work activities. With this motivation, they were trained as volunteers by the Venezuelan Federation of Private Institutions for the assistance of children, youth and families (FIPAN, for its acronym in Spanish), and devoted themselves to working in Barrio Union, Petare.

Thus OSCASI was born on February 21 that year. Initially, it started with a home-school for the community. Thereafter, several preschools and a health post were founded.

Upon reaching the 1990s, the school dropout problem in Petare became evident and OSCASI responded by implementing the Alternative Schools program, which allow to level out-of-school children up to sixth grade.

In 1992, OSCASI founded the first Alternative School named “Acción Educativa”. Today, there are two alternative schools, which benefit more than 150 students in Petare.

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