Scholarship Plan

We want to give you from OSCASI good news and a good opportunity!

As you know, since 1958 OSCASI constitutes the social work of the community of Colegio San Ignacio. And now for the first time in its history, it has four former students in its Board of Directors.

This represents an even greater Ignatian commitment with the mission that OSCASI is carrying out in Petare, where more than 150 children study, are fed, receive affection, health care, attention and instruction in our schools; they are the raison d’être of our organization.

Today, given the increasingly adverse reality that the country endures, maintain this organization requires effort and the contribution that people like you are willing to give us, from wherever they are.

Therefore, we encourage you to seize the opportunity to become an “Oscasi Godfather”.
Any contribution will be welcome!

The Scholarship Plan seeks to raise funds to contribute to the education, nutritional support and health care of our students.

Through the Scholarship Plan, the “Oscasi Godfathers” can make donations to contribute to the work of OSCASI.

Currently you can contribute as follows:

Full scholarship

Covers support in comprehensive academic training, school supplies and uniforms, extra-school activities, nutritional support (breakfasts, lunches and snacks), medical treatments for our children and adolescents, contribution to basic services, maintenance of schools and training of Teachers, has an annual value of $ 600

Academic scholarship

It covers support in comprehensive academic training, as well as school supplies and uniforms for our children and adolescents. It also includes teacher training, it has an annual value of $ 300

Food scholarship

It covers nutritional support for our children and adolescents (breakfasts, lunches and snacks), it has an annual value of $ 200

Health scholarship

We carry out follow-up and medical treatments to our students and teachers. As well as medical sessions to the extended community, we also offer psychological support to our students, it has an annual value of $ 100

Please make a contribution with the following options

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