What do we do

We provide alternative education for out-of-school children and adolescents by providing the training required for subsequent insertion into the regular school system. Our Alternative Schools prepare the students to achieve sixth grade performance then we seek to zonify them in a high school in Petare to give continuity to their secondary education.

Alternative Schools


Nuestra Señora del Carmen (“El Cortijo”)

Located at calle Federación, puente Baloa, Petare. With capacity for 132 students; the school provides breakfast, lunch and snaks for each  students. This venue is owned by OSCASI and is considered a historical heritage site since it was the private residence of the painter Tito Salas.

Beatriz Castillo

Located at calle El Colegio, sector La Cruz, Petare. With capacity for 72 students, who are also provided with breakfast, lunch and snaks. This school owes its name to the founder of this organization.


Colegio San Ignacio students: Students support OSCASI by performing social work in several activities such as tutoring, cayapas [cooperative work] and labor camps, among others.

College students: College students can support OSCASI by designing and implementing projects for the benefit of students, teachers and promoters who work at the Alternative Schools of our organization.

Adults: We have school support programs involving adult volunteers willing to share their knowledge and skills with teachers and students. Such is the case of the Reading Program and Math Booster Program led by parents and alumni of Colegio San Ignacio.

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